Who we are

Our Mission

We aim to build hope and understanding; promote equality, cohesion, and visibility in the community; and elicit action and spread truth through education. Our mission is to be a catalyst for these things through which all people regardless of their sexual orientation, identity, expression or preference may enjoy the same rights, stability and serenity enjoyed by most Americans today. We are here to support the endeavors of the LGBTQAI community.


Our LGBT Public Library

Our center is home to the largest collection of LGBT books, newspapers, and zines in Skagit County. Stop by one of our meetings to check out a book, or search our catalog to see what we have!

Get involved

Your participation and help are always needed! We operate completely on volunteer effort and donations. No members of the Cascades Rainbow Center's board of directors, steering committee members, or staff is paid. We all work for a common good, the good of the community.

Want to Volunteer? Have any Ideas? You can email, call, or just ask us in person at a meeting! Volunteering can be fun with rewards of free food and free drink and lots of networking and socializing with your local Skagit County LGBTQ Community in a safe place.

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